Algorithms Illuminated: Part 1: The Basics by Tim Roughgarden

Algorithms Illuminated: Part 1: The Basics

Book Title: Algorithms Illuminated: Part 1: The Basics

Publisher: Soundlikeyourself Publishing

ISBN: 0999282905

Author: Tim Roughgarden

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Tim Roughgarden with Algorithms Illuminated: Part 1: The Basics

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Algorithms are the heart and soul of computer science. Their applications range from network routing and computational genomics to public-key cryptography and machine learning. Studying algorithms can make you a better programmer, a clearer thinker, and a master of technical interviews. Algorithms Illuminated is an accessible introduction to the subject for anyone with at least a little programming experience. The exposition emphasizes the big picture and conceptual understanding over low-level implementation and mathematical details---like a transcript of what an expert algorithms tutor would say over a series of one-on-one lessons. Part 1 covers asymptotic analysis and big-O notation, divide-and-conquer algorithms and the master method, randomized algorithms, and several famous algorithms for sorting and selection.