Investments: Theory, Behavioral Aspects & Applications by Walter J. Reinhart

Investments: Theory, Behavioral Aspects & Applications

Book Title: Investments: Theory, Behavioral Aspects & Applications

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1535291214

Author: Walter J. Reinhart

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Walter J. Reinhart with Investments: Theory, Behavioral Aspects & Applications

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Investments: Theory, Behavioral Aspects and Application, Fourth Edition covers behavioral aspects of investing, investment strategies including buy and sell disciplines, technical analysis, plus the more standard textbook topics of security valuation and risk analysis, asset class management, investment applications, derivative valuation, portfolio construction and investment evaluation. The behavioral topics range from psychological factors to “deadly sins” of financial decision making. As part of the behavioral aspects a brief overview of technical analysis is presented. The first two chapters set the stage for investing by presenting various elements of investment management and behavioral aspects. These chapters help lay out the environment in which investors and others operate. The next three chapters present basic valuation and risk characteristics of bonds and stocks. Bonds and stocks are two main asset classes that are large, global, part of “everyone’s portfolio,” and are the basis for many derivative instruments. Next we turn our attention to strategies and applications. Disciplined stock selection and tactics are presented in Chapter 6, while the most important decisions relating to investing, namely asset allocation, is discussed in Chapter 7. Styles and strategies, and global investing are then presented in the next two chapters respectively. Chapter 10 presents the term structure of interest rates and bond strategies. Our attention then turns to derivative securities in Chapters 11 and 12. The book concludes with a brief introduction to modern portfolio theory and investment performance evaluation. Our goal in this book is to blend the theory of investments and asset pricing with the behavioral side of investing and introducing “pragmatic applications.” We recognize that the savings and investment process is dependent on individual choice and that decisions regarding the appropriate investments should be based on risk tolerance. If you are interested in adopting this book for your investments course please contact: Dr. Walter J. Reinhart Loyola University - Maryland Graduate Center 2034 Greenspring Drive Timonium, MD 21093 TEL: 410.617.1555 for a complimentary copy.